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The Hindu epic Ramayana’s main character, Lord Rama, was born in the holy city of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh, which is well known for its religious significance. The most well-known landmark, Ram Janmabhoomi, has been the focus of political and judicial conflicts as well as Hindu-Muslim hostility. The ancient Indian epic Ramayana, which describes the life and exploits of Lord Rama, has a strong connection to Ayodhya. The Hanuman Garhi, Kanak Bhawan, and Nageshwarnath Temple are just a few of the many religious landmarks in the city. With several festivals held all year long, including Diwali, which honors Lord Rama’s homecoming following his 14-year exile, Ayodhya also has a rich cultural past. Visitors may tour museums, temples, and historic sites that highlight the city’s rich history. Development initiatives have centered on Ayodhya in recent years, with the Ram Temple being built at the contentious location. Millions of Hindus worldwide still use Ayodhya as a major pilgrimage site in spite of these changes.


  • Ram mandir
  • Hanuman Garhi temple
  • Ram Janmabhoomi Temple
  • Sita Ki Rasoi
  • Kanak Bhawan


  • Sacred: Lord Rama's birthplace
  • Historical: A wealth of landmarks and a legacy.
  • Hindus attach spiritual value to pilgrimages.
  • Cultural: customary celebrations and ceremonies.
  • Calm: A serene ambiance ideal for introspection.
  • Controversy: Steer clear of talking politics
  • Disrespect: Be mindful of religious beliefs.
  • Vandalism: Honor historic locations
  • Overcrowding: Go when it's less busy.
  • Insensitivity: Consider local traditions.


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